Online Indexes and Databases
MLA International Bibliography Restricted Resource
1926+. A bibliography of scholarship in literature, language, linguistics, and folklore. About 75% are language and literature journal articles.
ERIC Unrestricted Resource Some full text available
1966+. Journal articles and reports on education topics.
ARTFL Project Restricted Resource Some full text available
Over 2600 French texts from the 13th-20th centuries are included, ranging from classical works of French literature to various kinds of non-fiction prose and technical writing.
LexisNexis Academic Restricted Resource Some full text available
Full-text news, company reports, court cases, and law reviews.
Books, Newspapers, and Magazines in the Library


To search foreign language books or DVDs, go to the Library Catalog, click on "Advanced Search"  and select a certain language. Also, books in the Library are organized according to the Library of Congress Classification Schedules. Different foreign language materials are assigned different call numbers, which consist of letters and numbers. For example, PA is used for Classical languages & Literature, and PC for Romance languages. Listed below are selected foreign languages and their corresponding call numbers.

  • Africana Languages = PL8000 - 8844
  • Arabic = PJ6001 - 8517
  • Chinese = PL1001 - 3207
  • French = PC2001 - 3761
  • German = PF3001 - 5999
  • Greek = PA227 - 1179
  • Hebrew = PJ4501 - 5192
  • Italian = PC1001 - 1977
  • Japanese = PL501 - 889
  • Korean = PC901 - 998
  • Latin = PA2001 - 2915
  • Portuguese = PC5001 - 5498
  • Spanish = PC4001 - 4977
  • Russian = PG2001 - 3987

Reference materials are located on the first floor, and all circulating books are in the basement.

Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals by Language

Periodicals in paper format are on the 2nd floor and those in microfilm are in the basement.  LexisNexis Academic (the "Search the News" section) has many newspapers in European languages. You can search in the language of your choice.


  • L'Express (current 4 weeks)


  • Der Spiegel (1978---current)
  • Kyklos: Internationale Zeitschrift fur Sozialwissejschaften (1970-1996 in paper and in microfilm)
  • Monatshefte (1880-1943 in microfilm)


  • EL PAIS (Newspaper current 2 months, magazine current 2 years)
  • Hispania (Also available in microfilm)
  • Revista Iberoamericana (1970-2013)
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