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Video Tutorial: How to Use the Library Catalog
What Is a Peer-Reviewed Article?
​What is a peer-reviewed article?  How do you find one?  Watch this 3 minute introduction on Peer Review from North Carolina State University Libraries to find out more.
Finding Articles in Education Databases
Need to find an article for Language Development?  Start here!  Google Scholar is a source that may help you find full-text for an article when you only have the citation from ERIC or the Professional Development Collection.   ERIC is a large database with content managed by the Department of Education.  It dates back to 1966 and contains lots of full text.   The Professional Development Collection is a much smaller database with a tight focus on certain subjects in education with an abundance of full-text articles.  

Journals by Title (Journals A-Z)
Need to look for a journal by title such as the Journal of Early Intervention, Communication Disorders Quarterly, Young Exceptional Children, Exceptional Children, Infants & Young Children, or Teaching Exceptional Children?  Click the link and enter your journal name, then click 'Go' to find it:
How To Videos for Searching Google Scholar
Basic Searching in Google Scholar
Known Citation Searching in Google Scholar
how to search Google Scholar when you have a Citation in hand.
Get It Via Google Scholar from Article Database
Using the Advanced Features in Google Scholar Pt1
ILLIAD - Interlibrary Loan for Articles
You can use ILLIAD to request the full text of an article when you can't get it from ERIC, the Professional Development Collection, or Google Scholar. This is a video tutorial on how to use ILLIAD.
Your Friendly Librarian: I Can Help!
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APA Style (from American Psychological Association)
Help with APA style from the publishers of the book, American Psychological Association.  It includes tutorials which can be found under the learning APA style tab, and quick answers to questions on formatting.